Fascias and soffits are one of the most critical components of your home. While it is the fascias and soffits that are commonly known for causing distress, the practice of using FSG (fascias, soffits, and gutters) and “fascias and soffits” interchangeably is standard in the roofing terminology.

Although the concept of FSG was introduced long ago, many of the homeowners are blissfully aware of the fact that the relatively older kinds of buildings constructed during the pre-1980s are known to sport fascias and soffits made of untreated timber, many of which are plagued with the bare necessity of periodic replacements.  

Classic timber FSG has eventually made way to uPVC fascias and soffits in Ashford and other places across the globe due to the continuous strides in the field of material science and construction technology. Admittedly, both the performance and the durability of the FSG have improved to a great extent.

What follows next is a brief discussion on some of the most significant advantages of upgrading to fascias and soffits that are fabricated from unplasticised polyvinyl chloride.


uPVC fascias and soffits in Ashford and other locations around the world do not usually call for a comprehensive maintenance regimen. You do not require to paint them, nor do they ask for any kind of treatment during the product lifecycle. Furthermore, they are available in a myriad of colour choices to complement your home decor accordingly, ranging from rosewood dark-brown to pristine white and whatnot.

Similar to the gutters, they are also capable of accumulating leaves, muck, and debris in one place. You may opt for a leaf guard as well when installing the uPVC FSG for saving on both time and money that you are expected to spend for cleaning them. Note that the average life expectancy of uPVC fascias and soffits in Ashford and elsewhere on the planet is over a whopping two decades and a routine installation is usually backed by a ten-year manufacturer warranty.


One of the most undermined attributes of the present-generation uPVC fascias and soffits in Ashford and anywhere else on earth is their incredible ability to facilitate smooth ventilation. Installing the Upvc FSG will help the airflow in your home to circumvent safely through the available space in your attic.

In sharp contrast to their timber-crafted predecessors, these contemporary gutter systems equipped with vent strips underneath that help to increase the thermal dissipation capability of your building, thus, significantly reducing the odds of condensation and also extending the longevity of your roof. If left untreated, condensation can deteriorate the structural timber, lath nails, felt, and even may result in critical FSG failure.


You certainly do not need a quantum physicist to explain that why the water-resistant properties of the uPVC surpass those of wood and alike. Untreated timber will become porous over time because of the natural weathering process and trying to reverse it is an extremely challenging endeavour. Whether you spend a grand or more in treating and repairing the damaged timber, replacement is the only sensible alternative that you are likely to be left with in most circumstances.

Furthermore, the damp from the timber will gradually spread to your rafter feet and make the eaves felt to decompose eventually, causing you to spend even more on their repair and treatment. To suffice, the moral of the story is that prevention is always better than cure, particularly when it comes to the FSG. If you wish to replace your existing gutter system with uPVC fascias and soffits in Ashford, you may consider scheduling an appointment with the Coastal Guttering Limited at the earliest possible opportunity.


There are several vital benefits of having uPVC FSG for home or business. If you are planning an upgrade anytime soon, you may choose to get in touch with Coastal Guttering Limited for installing uPVC fascias and soffits in Ashford.