FYI DIY Roofing Isn’t As Beneficial As You Perceive

Regular maintenance is the key for comfortable homes and to sustain the resale value of the property. Be it the snowy winters or the humid summers, homeowners are aware of the need for maintenance work they require to take up in their property from time-to-time. Every season has its set of works to be done and the larger project such as roofing has to be taken up in the warm summer months. However, if you plan to opt for DIY roofing work, here are some essential things that you should note-


• It looks like a really simple task, doesn’t it? You just need to replace the old shingles with the new ones and that’s it! Well, it isn’t so easy. You need to have a thorough knowledge of how to use various tools such as roofing spades, nail guns, hammer-tackers and chalk-lines. Additionally, you also need to know about how the various roofing materials such as tar paper, asphalt shingles, ice and water shield are applied and their purpose.


• Even the simplest job such as cleaning the gutters and removing the fallen tree branches are immensely risky. There are numerous accidents every year in the UK where homeowners suffer from deadly injuries. Professional roofers are trained and they follow all the safety measures to deal with the work sans any accidents.


• Improperly installed roof puts your entire family at risk. Issues with the roof, if not dealt with correctly, can lead to major issues with the structure of the property.


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