Chimney Replacements – Watch Out For These Signs to Know When You Need It

One of the best feelings is to be settled in front of the fire place at home and watching the storm pass by on the outside. It is for such worthy moments that taking care of the hearth and chimney of the home is truly essential. Your chimney is a saviour as it directs the heat, gases and harmful fumes out of the house safely. If the chimney fails, you are putting your family into a lot of risk of house fire or a carbon monoxide leak. Thus, scheduling regular maintenance and checking the chimney is essential. Whether you need chimney replacements or not can further be clarified if you lookout for the below mentioned signs in your chimney-

Flue Liner

The lining of your chimney is the most important part of your chimney and fireplace and it is responsible for expelling combustibles and smoke out of the house. After years of use, the slue liner will surely wear down and may have cracks.

Chimney crown

This is placed right at the top of the chimney and helps in preventing the entry of water and other debris into the chimney. If you notice water seepage inside the chimney then there are chances that the crown needs mending. Damaged mortar box, rusted damper, and cracks in the chimney are some of the signs you should keep an eye on.

No matter how well you take care of the chimney, there will be extreme cases when the chimney becomes a structural liability to the property and needs a complete replacement. For such a service, feel free to get in touch with Coastal Guttering Limited, the leading chimney and roofing specialists in and around Ashford and Thanet. We love to be by the fireside most of the time and hence understand the need for a great chimney.